The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014





3 Międzynarodowe Triennale Drzeworytu Zakopane 2014







Nowadays wood engraving, the oldest graphic technique, often seems to be inferior to other techniques, which is undoubtedly caused by the popularity of computer graphics. Therefore, the Organizers willing to save wood engraving from falling into oblivion have resolved to invite young artists from all over the world to participate in the already third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014. The Contest is addressed to young artists (students of secondary school) who continue to learn sculpture techniques as well as other fine art disciplines. The Organizers of the International Wood Engraving Triennial hope that the Contest will attract many young artists to this noble and demanding discipline of workshop graphics. Bearing also in mind the great contribution of Władysław Skoczylas, an artist and longstanding educator of The Wood Industry School (presently The Antoni Kenar Art Schools in Zakopane), into the contemporary Polish wood engraving, we wish to rediscover the oldest graphic technique in this Contest and its following editions. The two previous editions of the Contest met with the great interest of young artists. The competitions received altogether 1200 works from 18 countries including Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Poland. Awarded and honourably mentioned works from previous editions are presented on our school website: www.zsp-kenar.pl 1MTDwww.zsp-kenar.pl 2MTD


1. The Contest is addressed to young artists (students of secondary school). The prizes will be awarded in the following three categories:
I Category: students aged 13 - 15
II Category: students aged 16 - 18
III Category: students aged 19 - 20

2. The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014 is a Contest in works of art made on paper in the technique of longitudinal or upright wood engraving, created in the years 2011- 2014, which have not been presented so far at any international exhibitions and which are the property of the author. The organizers reserve the right to eliminate works which offend morality and religious or national feelings. Each artist may send any number of works which should be unframed, unglazed, with the outer format of paper not exceeding the dimensions of 100 x 70 cm. On the package, next to the address there should also be present the following information:
The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014.

3. Each work should be signed on the back with an eight sign emblem consisting of letters or digits. Each entry artwork should be accompanied by the Contest Entry Form and Annex legibly completed in the Polish or English language. The example of the Entry Form is attached to this document and is also available on our website http://www.zsp-kenar.pl. Signing the Entry Form is tantamount to accepting the conditions for participation in the Contest. The Entry Form should contain the emblem identical with the emblem on the work, which should also be present on the closed envelope containing the entry card.

4. The Contest entries must be unassisted creations (cannot be creations of other persons), which have not been presented / entered in any other competition or online. The participants of the Contest affirm that they have personal and financial copyright to the work of art entered for the Contest or that they have obtained the permission of all co-creators for the use of the entered work of art in the range necessary for the participation in the Contest. The participation in the Contest is tantamount to giving a free of charge right to use free of charge the works in the following fields of exploitation: printing in any number of publications and in any circulation, using the sent works online, on TV and other forms of recordings, among others in bulletins, catalogues, video recordings or electronic publications suitable for distribution within. The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014. Entering works for the Contest shall be treated as a simultaneous declaration that the project does not infringe on the rights of third party, and in particular their personal and financial copyright.

5. The author gives their permission for publishing personal data as specified by Personal Data Protection Act of 28 August 1997 about the protection of personal data (the Journal of Laws No 133 item 883) in order to conduct the competition, select the laureates and grant the awards.

6. The Organizer shall not insure works and shall not assume any liability for the damage sustained during delivery. The Contest entries (except awarded and honourably mentioned) may be returned at the expense of the participants after closing the exhibition. If during the Contest or after its closing it turns out that the participant is not the author of the entry or does not hold full copyright to the entry, the participant or their legal guardian shall bear full responsibility for the damage caused. The Organizer is entitled to remove from the Contest works which infringe on copyright or any other right of third party, also in the case when there is a substantial probability that such infringements might appear. The Contest laureates will be obliged to transfer on the Organizer of the Contest free of any extra charges and remuneration - in a written form - financial copyright to awarded or honourably mentioned work of art. On behalf of the laureate who is minor the permission to transfer copyright shall be issued by a legal representative of the laureate.

7. Works returned to the Organizer due to an unintelligible or wrong return address as well as not collected in time by the author will be treated as abandoned and left at the disposal of the Organizer.

8.Sending entries is tantamount to accepting these Regulations.


1. Works with enclosed Contest Entry Forms Shall accepted till 1 October 2014.

The Organizer’s address:
The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014.
The Antoni Kenar Art Schools
ul. Kościeliska 35,
34-500 Zakopane, Polska

2. Works not conforming to the Contest regulations shall not be admitted.

3. The Award Giving Ceremony and the opening of the Contest Exhibition will be held at the School’s Strug Gallery (Kościeliska street, Zakopane) in December 2014.

4. Works will be qualified for the exhibition and awarded prizes by the International Jury appointed by the Director of the Centre for Artistic Education in Warsaw. The names of the members of the Jury will be announced later on our School’s website: http://www.zsp-kenar.pl. Decisions of the Jury are final.

5. The results of the Contest will be announced on the School website by the end of October 2014.


1. The Organizers institute the following awards: Grand Prix of The Third International Wood Engraving Triennial Zakopane 2014. The First Prize, The Second Prize, The Third Prize in each category, and nine equal honourable mentions, three in each category. Laureates of Grand Prix, 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd Prize will receive statuettes designed and made by the students and teachers of the Antoni Kenar Art Schools in Zakopane and attractive prizes sponsored by the Governor of the Tatra Province and the Mayor of Zakopane.

2. All the participants whose works have been qualified for the exhibition will receive a Catalogue.

3. The awarded or honourably mentioned works become the property of the Strug Gallery at the Complex of Art Schools in Zakopane. Final provisions: Polish Law regulations shall be applicable in any issues not specified by the Regulations, especially The Civil Code, The Act on the Protection of Personal. Data, The Act of Copyright and Related Rights.